Christy and I worked directly together in Edmonton where she managed one of the largest and most complex Retail branches in the city. She is a great leader with many great qualities but what stood out most was her ability to build a strong culture and inspire her team to win. She accomplished this while also balancing

the requirements of an MBA course load.

Eric Thor - Head of Private Bank at TD

With a Royal Roads MBA and 15 years of retail banking experience in a variety of roles, Christy has a strong understanding of business. Having risen through the ranks of TD Bank to the Senior Manager level, she has a multitude of experience creating winning strategies to build cohesive teams in a multi-channel network. Christy has been closely involved with change management principles through design to implementation and follow-through. This has included supporting the design of a new strategy and support role, new protocols for existing positions, and various sales leadership building activities. With experience in diverse roles such as Human Resources Counsellor and Senior Manager Sales and Customer Experience, Christy has developed an ability to impact and influence a broad group of people regardless of reporting lines. She has an ability to view problems from different angles, and leverage those around her to support creative problem solving processes while driving the business forward.

Christy is also the Program Lead for the Financial Services Program with Bow Valley College. In this role she functions as the lead instructor, is responsible for curriculum development/implementation, and liaises with industry leaders to ensure that programming best meets industry needs and direction.

Christy’s passion for developing people has been proven through the movement of people to bigger and different roles, utilizing transferable skillsets and stretching them to believe in their abilities. Christy is an Erickson Certified Professional Coach, and holds an Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. 

When Christy isn’t Coaching, Consulting, or taking the lead at Bow Valley College, she is an avid traveller of Alberta. Often with her dog Sophie in tow. Christy is an ardent distance runner, having participated in many of the local charity runs. She is a keen reader and writer of both fiction and non-fiction, with some of her work being published in the Globe and Mail. She also paints, but doesn’t necessarily list this as a talent.



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